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As you exit the taxi you stand in awe of the magnificent building before you. White walls embroided with fine lines of gold shimmer as the light from the sun bounces from their surface. As you trod toward the doorway you're enthralled the size of the never closing doors. As you pass through the open doors a warmth falls upon you and a smile creeps upon your face you know you're welcome here.

        "Oh, good morning! I am C2N4. It's pleasant to see a new face around in these halls." A silver droid startles you out of your awe struck stare, "Is there something I can help you with?"

        You glance at the robot then at the busy men and women around you, "Ah, these are members of the Order of the First Blade. They are men and women dedicated to making the galaxy a better place for others. Might I show you around?"

        You nod at the droid and begin to follow him down a long hallway. As you pass doorways you curiously shift your vision into them. You pass by a room where small children are, some are playing, some are training. The next door is a classroom setting. Several youths sit attentively as their teacher explains how a Jedi would react in different situations. The next room quickly catches your attention as you hear several shots fired. A firing range, you deduct after having seen the soldiers and civilians taking turns blasting through pre-arranged targets.

        As you near the end of your tour C2N4 turns to you and speaks once more, "I hope that what you've seen is to your liking and that you would be pleased to join the order. The order would welcome any addition."

        You nod as you turn to look at either the registration desk or the exit, the choice is yours.
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Website Launched!

Akkus, Jan 4, 12 10:38 AM.
I'm excited to announce the launch of our guild website! Here you will find information about the guild, any activities we have planned as well as a forum where we can do forum based roleplaying for those that enjoy that sort of thing.
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